The Montessori International School in Erbil is a member of the American Montessori Society that has over 20,000 schools around the world. The Montessori School in Erbil opened its doors in 2018. Its educational system is characterized by self-directed activities and by educational materials. Students at Montessori Schools learn mainly by doing.

Montessori’s method differs from conventional pedagogies in that it puts a premium on freedom of movement and choice for students. Instead of being confined to desks, students circulate freely in the classroom, choosing the activities that interest them. Montessori School in Erbil welcomes grades from KG1 to grade 12.


Montessori’s Vision is to provide the highest quality of learning besides sending leaders to the world. Our vision is to produce graduates who besides having skills and knowledge in their discipline zones are critical thinkers who are able to make drastic changes in their communities and in the world.


Children from a Montessori program are often several years ahead of their grade level. They like school and are usually interested in everything typically, they are friendly, generous, cooperative, and respect- ful of both property and others. The Mission of the school is to give children a strong knowledge of math, natural sciences, social sciences, creativity and decision making.