Montessori - Progressive Education


A Montessori classroom is an exciting place. There are many resources for children to work with. There are interesting books on a wide assortment of topics.

However, textbooks and workbooks are not always used. Children work with many dierent concrete materials which help them to learn through an active process. Since the classroom is well organized, with the intention of making all the materials visible and accessible to the children, the children can nd what they want and work without having to wait for the teacher. The children are all engaged in purposeful activities which leads and develops intelligence.


  • Practical life skills
  • Sensorial
  • Language arts
  • Mathematics and geometry
  • Geography
  • History
  • Science
  • Visual Arts
  • Cosmic studies
  • Music
  • Invention, industry, and technology
  • Movement and physical education
  • The study of a second language
  • Peace education


  • Most of the child’s day at Montessori school is spent in self-chosen work.
  • Experienced international sta.
  • No homework assigned to students, all the tasks and assignments are done during schooling time.
  • Advanced technology integrated with the teaching and learning system.
  • Educating students through stories and social sciences anecdotes.
  • Limited students in classes to provide a safe and educating environment.
  • Providing a clean and healthy environment to students.
  • Providing catering services. Providing music and art halls in the school.
  • Availability of student playground for dierent kinds of games.
  • Noticeable area of green lands in the school.
  • Educational eld trips. Sport and art activities inside the school.
  • Providing transportation services and managing it by the school management.
  • Providing English and music summer courses.